windows phone 8.1 start screen stutter with cortana pinned tile on Nokia lumia 1520


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May 14, 2014
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Hi, i recently got my nokia lumia 1520 and updated it to wp8.1 update 1 using Developer preview, so no Cyan yet.:crying:
The problem that i recently noticed is, that the Start screen, when swiped up or down(slow enough to observe) has a mild stuttering movement:shocked:.(very android like:winktongue:!) I was surprised, because there weren't even any apps running in the background, and i cudn't imagine what could cause this snapdragon 800 touting beast to stutter:shocked:. Then, I tried unpinning the Cortana live tile, and bang!:love: the start screen was as fluid as ever, without a hint a stutter. On closer observation, i concluded that the home screen stutter happens only when the Cortana live-tile is showing it's 'animated circle' side, and the movement was normal and fluid, when the cortana tile displays its flip-side, ie.,news or other info. Do any of you guys experience this same issue? and does anyone have a fix for this? The stuttering is notice-able only on very close observance, but still, i hate to see it in the place of an otherwise fluid UI.:cry:

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Apr 13, 2012
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I have the same issue. I have a 1520 through at&t with 8.1 and Cyan. With cortana pinned the start screen has a bit of a stutter to the animations, especially the app transitions effects when going back and forth from an app to the start screen. It's very annoying and I haven't pinned cortana due to the issue. I haven't seen anything about why it's happening and how to fix it though...

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