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Windows phone over ios on brazil


New member
Apr 29, 2013
So, I think I should share this with you guys,

we all saw the windows phone is now the 2nd platform on brazil, passing ios by apple..

It's causing BIG BIG repercussion around here, all sites are noticing this out and how this is a ''cold bath'' for apple, since they're opening their 1st store on brazil this week..

all sites are now saying how good wp8 is becoming with their support and a big range of lumias, while apple is struggling to keep their market around here, losing more and more..

well, big times are coming, never tech sites had reported that windows was ''that'' good that they're talking now, principally over apple


New member
Apr 9, 2013
Now they must talk about it... Most "tech" journalist think they work at Apple....LOL.

I'm doing my best here too...