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Windows Phones in 2020


New member
Jan 24, 2013
Sadly but surely, I'm seeing the beginning of the Angroid Tunnel now, as t-mobile, along with dropping its 3G service, is dropping non-voLTE phones, and that includes my 4G 950. I can confirm that my 2 on-deck (and T-M-worthy) angroids have all my Outlook contacts without an active gmail account on either phone. I do have a gmail account registered on both, but I installed Microsoft Launcher, along with Outlook early on -I've had these pretenders since June and July of 2020. I have Outlook fetching mail from the same 3 mail accounts I've fetched on the 950 for years. As I recall, I imported my Outlook contacts to both phones through my Outlook account. On my likely daily-to-be [an LG V30 (fittingly-enough LG has dropped its phone business)], I'm now running the Square Home launcher, with its original pics-as/for-contacts tile, and contact info added or revised on my 950 are automatically updated on the V30 -plus the Sony which is still running the Microsoft Launcher. So, both are probably linked through my OneDrive, or Outlook itself. I'll be learning much more ahead of and beyond my July 1 T-M drop date. Good luck to you and all.

P.S.: The 950 is, or at least was, on att's "white list"; I'm not interested in moving back there -for now.


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Nov 29, 2012
Ok, so if i hear you right. I can take a native android phone and get my contacts into outlook with out first putting them into the gmail contacts app on the phone?

you probably figured it out by now, but yes, outlook app can be used to sync contacts. In the google contacts app just change your source default to like all sources or something.