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I'm very new to Windows Server and networking in general. I need some help. Today I clean installed Windows Server 2012 R2 with GUI and created my first domain. I followed a Microsoft guide, I set server to a static IP in my DHCP range, I set the dns on my server to OpenDNS and I ensured the subnet was set correctly.
I then jumped onto my 1st client running Windows 10 Pro, I set the DNS to the IP of the DC. I then joined it to the domain and got the welcome message I logged into the domain perfectly.
I then jumped onto my 2nd client also running Windows 10 Pro, again I set the DNS to the IP of the DC. It then joined the domain and got the welcome message but the trouble is on this 2nd client I can't seem to login to the pc login screen with any domain account even though it's set to log into the domain. It says username and password incorrect even though the exact same login details work on the other client.

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