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Windows update on 1/2/19 - second monitor now not detected or multiple monitors unable to select.

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My 2 mos old Acer had a Windows update last night. I have an additional monitor (Asus) attached for larger format to do paintings. Today the monitor stopped working and the multiple drop down box under display is gone. I have tried everything. Help!


May 15, 2013
1) Have a look through the update history via Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows update -> View Update history, make a note of the recent updates and uninstall the recent cumulative updates that you have noted down via control panel.

The easiest way to get to either of them is to type windows update or control panel in Cortana's search box.

2) If the above method doesn't work -

a) Download HWiNFO from Guru3d.com and have alook at the graphics card installed in the laptop. Download the latest driver from the OEM's (that made the graphics card) website. If you cannot find it, scroll down to the bottom of Hwinfo and it will tell you your laptops model number. Use that to find the updated drivers on Acers website and if the laptop is a recently launched model you should find new drivers.

b) download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3d.com and uninstall the driver. Restart if prompted and once restarted install the latest version of the driver you installed.

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