Wireless keyboard dongle causes Windows 10 Anniversary update install failure

Filly Three

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May 16, 2017
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The Windows 10 Anniversary update (1607) install failed on my laptop countless times over several months. I was unable to find an error code for the failure and I even tried Microsoft update troubleshooter on my laptop, which neither solved the problem nor did it tell me there was a device with no driver (the dongle) on my computer that was causing the problem. After months of searching the internet and Microsoft support forums with no success, this last weekend during another dogged search for an answer, I happened upon a Webroot posting from Sep 2016 that mentioned that the wireless keyboard and/or mouse dongle was often causing install failures for this update. This was the first time I had seen anything about the dongle being the culprit! Yesterday I removed the wireless dongle from my laptop and the 1607 update downloaded and installed in about an hour without a hitch! I simply plugged the dongle back in after logging onto my laptop for the first time after the update ... end of the update problem and my wireless keyboard and mouse work just fine! Not everyone is computer savvy or able to modify their computer software using command lines, which is just way too scary for us dinosaurs. There are a lot of end users like me who need SOMEBODY, like Windows Central, to put these kinds of practical and simple solutions in articles and/or forums so end users like me can find the answers they're looking for!

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