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With Windows 10 about to fully upgrade on my computer, will I lose any files or apps like Word?

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I am still trying to decide whether I should sign up or not for the free and full upgrade of Windows 10.

My main concern is that I've downloaded Word, which is what I write with and use for school, and I'm afraid I'll lose it when/if I upgrade to Windows 10. If I upgrade to Windows 10, could I lose Word and the files? It's imperative that I know I won't lose Word or any of my files before I sign up.

Thank you!

Don Geronimo

New member
Aug 22, 2014
At worse, it'll move all your files to a folder called Windows.old in C:\. From there you can reinstall Word using your product key or your Office 365 subscription, and find your files in the Windows.old folder.

If you're running 8.1, though, it should just do the upgrade, and things will work as usual. Either case, your old files won't be deleted.