Woo Hoo! Got all my SMS and MMS messages!

Paul Verizzo

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Jul 20, 2013
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With photos, even!

Many of us have tried unsuccessfully to get all our texts before switching over to Android. MS gave us seldom working contact+messenger. Cut off Onedrive access years ago. Closed "bugs" that let people actually go to their sms XML file internally. Thank you MS!

WP Message Backup has worked well in the past, but for some reason, nothing shows after roughly September. I contacted the developer, and although I thought I was being ignored, he came eventually came back with the most amazing tool! It does not depend on the MS cloud, but directly accesses the file within your phone.

Philip Taffet wrote me, "Hi, Microsoft’s system for backing up messages that my app uses seems to have stopped working for messages after mid-September. If you want to backup newer messages, you can try the new direct import features available in the newest version of the app. Full instructions are here: Direct Backup "

If you go there, you will get the instructions, plus a link to a webpage giving some generic info on becoming a developer to side load apps.

When I side loaded this app and tried to save it in my phone, I got "Can't be saved in this location," warnings no matter where I tried it, phone or SD card. The good news is that when I used File Explorer, the app was in there.

The other problem I had was of my own doing. I did not pick up on the fact that after side loading the app you must then click on the lower button, becoming a developer. Again? Whatever.

Hit Install, after that, a breeze. It will show up in your apps, Direct...something. Although Philip warns several times to expect long processing times, such was not my case. Two years of texts processed in 5 minutes.

Then you need to have a Windows 10 machine and the latest WP Message Backup installed. You will know if it is because there is an import option. Connect your phone with a USB cable. Go to wherever you installed the output file, import it and, voila!

I told Philip that I would like to contribute to his work. He said that the purchase to access unlimited files was sufficient.

What a guy!

You will find your photos deeply buried. C:\user\(user name)\AppData\Local\Packages\(varies).WindowsPhoneMessageBackup.

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