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Word to the Wise: Get a Screen Protector


New member
Jan 3, 2013
Being very anal about my screen's appearance, I am very careful on how I handle my laptops, phones, and tablets. I always have my type cover on my Surface Pro and expected it to be a nice shield against debris and the elements. It has worked in the opposite. I noticed two scratches (one of them significant) on the screen. I looked where the type cover folds onto those two areas and sure enough, right in the corresponding spot there were two grains of some kind of debris embedded in the type cover right below the "<" key.

AAARRG!!!! I expected my Surface Pro to have a more hardened screen that this, but I was incorrect. Be careful and get a screen protector :(


Active member
Nov 19, 2012
yup. this is exactly the reason why i put some investment on screen protectors. all the info about having hardened glass is good but i still feel 10-20usd depending on the brand for some protection is better than 100usd up for a replacement.


New member
Jun 6, 2013
Sadly I have scratched more screens and bodies using cases than I have gotten scratches while not using any case and protector. My worst was a hairline scratch on my 2 day old bb9700 from a grain of dust/sand stuck inside the phone case. A bit like having something stuck on your typecover.

So I decided never to use a case/cover again and just be careful. Then came a cyan cover for my black Lumia 800 because it just looked darn good, but only to scratch up the camera bezel worse than it was because grain will eventually get inside...

Now my Lumia 920 is 9 months old and have never seen a cover and still in pristine condition. Maybe because you in fact are more careful when Your gem is unprotected.

Screen protectors is a complete no go for me. Never used them on any devices.

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May 15, 2011
why? they protect the value of your device.

Used electronics don't have any "value" unless they have a certain fruit imprinted upon them. That's how the kiddos show they're keeping up with the joneses.

Anywho, no screen protector here either. They've annoyed me since the palm days. (To each their own.) I do have a touch cover for keyboard purposes. Only ever got one tiny hairline scratch on it, and I don't notice it unless I'm looking for it.