Would You Prefer Windows RT instead of WP8 on 5"+ devices?


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Nov 14, 2012
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With the Nokia phablet coming out soon, I can't help but think how cool it would be to have Windows RT on a device that size, as opposed to WP8. I've used windows 8/RT on a few Tablets, and came away really impressed with all the gestures and just how everything works. On a Desktop with a mouse, I can see why some people don't like/are confused by some of the hot corners and gesture type moves. With a Tablet or anything with a touch screen, they are really intuitive I think. I can't help it when I using a friends iPad or similar device, I always try to close the app by swiping down. App switching is the same way, simply swipe to the side and your most recent app comes up, or set it to just open your app switcher if your the type to have many apps open at all times, works really well that way too. I also think the start screen of windows 8 would work much better on a device that size. At least in 8.1, you can easily change the amount of tile rows you see, either 3 or 4, so for people that prefer more apps can have a denser app start screen (I really think they should implement something like this now on gddr3 for the 1520, simply toggle the scaling of the apps so you can easily switch between current # of columns we have on our phones, compared to the 6 or so on the 1520).

I know MS has plans on unifying WP and RT/W8, I just hope it's more along the lines of the aligning the interface more with RT. RT does need better apps though, I think WP8 apps are generally really good. Some metro/RT apps I've downloaded are good-ok, with a fair amount of them being pretty awful too, but I think many apps work better in a 4:3 form factor or something that can easily be held in portrait at that size, and There isn't many RT devices that have this form factor, besides the new 8" tablets.

So what do you guys think? Would you prefer RT in a phablet sized device? Why or why not? I'm just curios about other peoples opinion on it since I know a lot of people want RT gone, but I think I think it has a place, and eventually will replace WP and phase that out instead. Or at least very soon make it so WP8 will be able to scroll in landscape as well as portrait. I think that is key in a bigger device and can't be that hard to implement.

(BTW I consider phablets to be in the range of 5"-6.9" or so. GS4 I would say isn't really a phablet necessarily, because it has such a small form factor. I would say 4.8" and under, WP8 works very well, I know I love my lumia 822, but i'm sure they could optimize it to behave much more gesture oriented like RT.)
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Jul 29, 2013
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I was hoping for a 7" Surface, but since the Synology suite is not available on RT yet, I'm considering the Bandit.

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