WP10 vs iOS vs Android. (Pros & Cons)


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Feb 6, 2015
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I think some of the negative and positive points of the different OS can actually be subjective to the individual.

For me, I'll share the stuff I like the most from each and then the things I really dislike, even though there are many things.

Outlook accounts can be automatically added as exchange accounts, so calendar and contacts syncs very well.
The iTunes backup option is excellent, as it really does backup everything and logs you back into your apps as well.
The "mute switch"! Having a physical way to silence the phone is great.
You can set apps to use location only while using that app and not when it isn't in use.

You can't control media volume without playing media first.
You can only get iPhones in 4 sizes and 6-8 colors, so as a result, it's really common.
You can't change your default apps, the only workaround is copy and pasting an address into the email app of your choice or Google Maps.

So much choice! You can go small, medium or big, or really big phones and also many brands.
We have cool colors again (see Huawei P20 Pro, Google Pixel 2 series, Sony phones, HTC U12+ as examples).
You can set default apps for certain apps, which is nice.
Many great camera choices, just depends on your preference.

Support in terms of updates can be hit or miss depending on who makes your phone and if locked or unlocked.
Some phones have apps that come preinstalled that you can only disable, not uninstall.
From what I can recall, using an outlook account as an exchange account can have sync issues at times.


All of the supported phones get updates (patch/maintenance ones though).
Actual system dark/light mode unlike the rest.
All phones have headphone jacks.

Apps. No need to elaborate on that.
Cameras aren't great on non-Lumias.
Personal con: No small flagship, midrange phone options that were made for W10M.


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Sep 28, 2014
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Android is open source and has many choices for different people.
Android is less secure.

WP is unique (live tiles, tap to wake, etc.)
WP never became popular and therefore has the least apps.

iOS is secure and stable (some people call this a walled garden, I call it an asset)
iOS is slow to innovate

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