WP7 Going a Different Direction


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Jun 12, 2011
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There are alot of things I like about Windows Phone, but when I came to the platform the biggest plus for me was the idea of Hubs. It seemed like a no brainer, give third party apps a way to connect to the OS and each other.

Unfortunately Hubs (for third parties at least) are more like a folder, and Mango actually goes in the wrong direction with this by getting rid of the extras folder in the Picture Hub. MS said they were revamping this and still might but I doubt it.

And for those who are thinking I like the Hubs the way they are, I like them too but they could be better. Imagine using the Extras tab in the picture hub opening a picture into a photo app, and when you're finished, being able to jump that photo (with edits intact) into another app from the list in the pictures hub. Or being able to take a song in your collection and starting an internet radio station from it or opening videos for it in Youtube or Vevo.

I thought the OS was going in this direction (and it still can), but it's ok mango is still the most fluid OS I ever used. Just hoping for more.


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Dec 6, 2010
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It looks like they're going to be doing a little more with the Music and Video hub. In NoDo it's just a text list. From the videos I've seen there will be icons.

I think as the platform matures more and people have bigger app lists they'll revisit hubs. I personally never use the hubs to launch apps. It's easier to do it from the app list. Plus not all 3rd party developers put their app in the hub. And some like Fox News put their app in the Music and Video hub.

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