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Sep 13, 2011
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K, my friend who loves Android and thinks WP7 is worthless talked to me... I asked him to sell me on Android and tell me what makes it better than WP7...

K, I took it all with a grain of salt, but.... Here goes the response I got...

1) "WP7 is by microsoft and there are several layers for an app to go through to do anything, so responsiveness is not as fast as android." everything I have read says the contrary, as far as speed of the OS. I've heard the WP7 phones are fast. Are they, or is there lag between touching what you want to do and doing it, in or out of apps?

2) "WP7 will only open doc or xls files, anything from Open Office won't work" I can see this as true, but don't see an issue. Everyone I work with uses MS office and I have never received a non-office file, so who cares.

3) "No one uses it (WP7). Anything you can do on WP7, you can do on Android or iOS faster." In all honesty, I have maybe seen 1 or 2 WP7 phones in the wild, so the first part could be true, but I don't know about the second part. Again, I've read here that WP7 is fast.

4) "You have to manually refresh social media apps. And when you do want to refresh them, there are several steps to do so." I find this hard to believe with "live tiles", but for the benefit of the doubt, if you wanted to refresh a live tile manually (between set up refreshes) how would you do it? How many steps?

5) now i'm told, if someone has an issue with an Android app, they submit a ticket and people not involved with the origional code will come up with a solution... Submitting it for the dev to approve... Gotta call BS on this... But for the record, any comments? LOL, I don't see this as true, any way, shape or form.

K, shi... Got deep, he came back to bash WP7 more... I brought up the AVG fiasco and he dismissed it, that it wouldn't happen on Android... I said they could be collecting the same data on ansroid and iOS and he said I was switching subjects, not happening. Is there a posibility that AVG is collecting email + gps on other platforms?

Now, the only experience I have had with WP7 is a demo unit at the store. Seemed fast, but who knows what happens after using it for a while, downloading apps, having messages and emails grow in size, etc... You guys have used it... How does it handle over time with mass txt and email files?

Does 1 of you live in San Antonio, TX? Would love to meet somewhere and have you walk ne through the WP7 and the advantages. I'd be willing to buy you a beer or 2.

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Jan 6, 2011
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It sounds like your friend doesn't know much about WP7 and has never used it.

1. Windows Phone apps aren't native code, they do have to go through the CLR, so I guess he's sort of right about that. But Android apps are built in Java so they have to go through the JVM, which is kind of the same thing. As I understand it there are ways to run code natively on Android but I would guess that almost no one uses it. Rest assured, many people say Windows phone is the smoothest OS out there and I agree.

2. He's right about this, though I imagine someone could write an OpenOffice app if they wanted to.

3. A silly blanket statement. Every OS is good at some things and not so good at other things. I'd love to see an example of something Android can do faster than WP7.

4. Not sure what he's talking about here. Live tiles update automatically. If you want to refresh manually you can just open up the app and it will refresh the tile, so I guess that's one step? The only thing I can think of that he might be talking about is the people hub. If you add a Facebook friend, sometimes it will take several hours for the new friend to show up in the people hub. If you don't want to wait then you have to go into the phone settings -> accounts and long press on your FB account to refresh it. Note that this does not apply to the standalone FB app, that will update right away when you open it.

5. I've never owned an Android phone so I don't know about this but I find it very hard to believe. Is he saying that Google provides tech support for 500,000+ apps? I don't think so.

As for the AVG app, it wasn't malicious but it did unnecessarily track users. MS pulled the app anyway. By contrast there are many confirmed cases of malware in the Android market that have not been pulled as of this very moment. Google does not police their market the way MS and Apple do.

I've had my Trophy since late May and I haven't noticed any slowdowns as my texts, apps, email etc accumulate. I have 100+ apps installed and everything is still smooth. MS was very careful about performance with this OS.

That took a while to type, I hope it helps.


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Aug 1, 2011
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One thing I think Android does better is sharing YouTube videos and pictures. Other than those I think WP7 is a better operating system. Definitely smoother and faster.

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May 7, 2011
I'm sorry but your friend is full of ****.

1. He pretty much lost all credibility at this point seeing how Windows Phone 7 superior over Android when it comes to speed. Sure, Android experiance is very varying but I've never seen a device as fluid as a WP7 yet. This is one of Microsofts large advantages.

2. ...

3. Yes, the userbase is small but some things are still very much easier on WP7 than iOS and Android, and some things may be harder / doesn't exist.

4. Well, 3rd party apps doesn't really have any way to update in the background until Mango. Native apps update in the background though and the Background agent system in Mango should bring background updates at a lower battery cost than especially Android.

5. Well, Google certainly doesn't give any ****s about the apps in the Marketplace. The developer may or may not have a support system of their own, this depends highly on te developer. I've heard that this might have been changed now but earlier you had to have support information available in any WP7 app you submitted, but it's still up to the developer if s/he cares or not.


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Sep 13, 2011
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IDK, maybe he was just a little too drunk and exaggerating. I didn't think much of that would hold any water.

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