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Oct 2, 2013
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Hello everyone

forgive me if this has already been answered and please point me in the right direction if it has but....!
I have just got a new 1020 having moved from the iPhone and set it all up.

I initially went into -
email + Account

where i set it up with my original yahoo email account which worked fine. But then i switched my xbox live details over to a new hotmail account so i could sync the calendar, tasks etc to my windows phone. I have since moved all my other accounts to my new hotmail email from yahoo (I have not shut down the yahoo account yet).

I have successfully changed my windows live account to my new hotmail and removed the old yahoo account. I can log in fine through xbox and via the outlook online email facitlity But the problem is that now I cannot change the Xbox account email address on the Lumia 1020?

It just keeps trying to sync with the old email address and states 'Xbox password is incorrect' and 'attention requried'.....of course attention is required i need to change the F'ing email adress but it wont let me arrrrrghhhh! :angry:

any ideas? I dont want to reset factory settings as i have put a lot of work into setting this phone up!

Apart from that loving the phone! (sound could go a bit louder for telephone calls on speaker phohe though!)


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