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Xbox messages to get GIF support, Windows 10 Xbox app being phased out?

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Dec 17, 2013
According to a message on the Windows 10 Xbox app, Xbox messages are set to get GIF support in the near future, as the Windows 10 app seems to be on the ropes.
Browsing the Xbox app on Windows 10, I received a message pop-up detailing the future of Xbox messaging, and ultimately, the fate of the Windows 10 Xbox app.
Microsoft appears to be gearing up to phase out the sluggish Windows 10 Xbox app, which hasn't received any meaningful updates for a very long time. The all-new Windows 10 Game Bar already incorporates the most critical Xbox app features on desktop PCs, in an interface that is far faster, more attractive, and frankly, better in almost every way.
It comes as no surprise then that Microsoft says that after May 23rd, the Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs will no longer support group messaging systems, as Microsoft transitions its Xbox messaging mechanics to a new and improved platform, which will also include GIF support "and more."

Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...

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