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Xbox music, music player ?


New member
Apr 20, 2014
I work on a motorbike, with my travelling to work I am normally out on the road for 11 hours, and pretty much all day listen to music through in crash helmet speakers, these speakers are also part of a blue tooth phone system (Unfortunately I have to use my work supplied Android phone that I hate).

I always carry my 1520, and use it for some personal calls, texts and a bit of web surfing, along with the odd game of shuffle party, but I don't use the phone for music, partly because I don't want to use up the phones battery (Although the 1520 would easily cope) because I used to be a courier and sometimes would be out for 24 hours and there is nothing worst than coming back down the motorway in the middle of the night for your music to go off and also no longer have a working phone if you break down. OK I am longer a courier so that don't apply anymore but I do like to have my phone with plenty of spare capacity.

For the last three years I have used a Sony MP3 player and it has been very reliable and with luck it could go on for another year or so.

However the Sony cannot play any Xbox music I have downloaded using my music pass, as mentioned the 1520 is in my pocket so I could just use it, but what would be really nice would be an XBOX music player linked to my music pass so it could have my local MP3's plus all the music I currently have in my collection courtesy of my music pass. It would help if such a device had a long life battery.

Anyone know if MS have plans for such a device, I would buy one like a shot.