Xbox to begin giving out strikes to accounts breaking the rules


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Aug 21, 2023
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I have been playing Xbox for much of my life. It's a slippery slope to begin policing people's speech. Is it against the rules to trash talk in video games? It better not be. The mute function was implemented for a reason, and so was the block function. I understand it becomes an issue when someone makes new accounts to go after someone, that's definitely unreasonable, but if I say someone sucks in call of duty, I shouldn't be given a strike on my account. I'm also not very sensitive to trash talk or even inappropriate insults. If it bothers me I block and or mute the person, and it always ends there. The report function also exists for a reason, and it's to report legitimate threats, doxxing, or cheating. These are just my thoughts. Obviously Microsoft and it's employees will do whatever they want and tend to listen to a vocal minority rather than the entire customer base, but I would at least like to leave my thoughts in the hopes that the community will see and agree. Anyone who agrees with this 1,000,000% true reply should let it be known by liking this, and/or replying to me so that if you disagree then your thoughts can be seen. Thanks in advance to anyone who took the time to read this

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