ytrewq's Surface All-In-One Prediction for MS's October announcement


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May 22, 2014
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So the latest rumor is that MS will announce its Surface All-in-One at the October event. Windows Central has previously predicted that the All-in-One device will be akin to PixelSense for the living room. I'm calling bull.

I'm predicting that the Surface All-in-One will be an elegant desktop device akin to an iMac, but with one critical difference: The monitor stand will contain modular, upgradable components. Each modular component will be a small, flat box that will stack and interlock so as to create a stand for the monitor. There will be a display module, a CPU/memory module, and so on. When Intel announces its next line of processors, you don't have to buy a whole new all-in-one (hello, Apple and HP, I'm talking to you). Instead, you simply buy a new CPU/memory module and switch out the boxes. It will be the best features of an All-in-One (size, elegance) and a Tower (upgradable components). It will offer several display sizes, ranging from 21" to 27 or 28", and you'll be able to choose which modules interest you in terms of GPU, CPU/Memory, etc.

I have no inside sources, and I have no crystal ball. But I can read a patent. Patent Images

I also predict that it will be touchscreen.

If I'm right, I have some ideas that I would love to see MS implement to turn this into a Pro Tools Monster Machine for audio recording. The touch interface and modular components would create some really interesting options. But that's a different thread.

This will be cool. I already want one.


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Nov 16, 2013
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As much as I would like to disagree, after just a quick scan of the images, I do get the impression this could be something big for Microsoft Surface line. No matter what you think of Microsoft pushing Surface out into the public eye by carpet bombing the NFL shows ( Pre-Game, Half Time, Post Game ), they have planted the seed.

What is left to see is if they can grow the line from the gains of exposure they got from the NFL.

If you take a little time with the pictures in the OP's post + look at some of the things Microsoft has been working on that came to Windows 10.

2 important features have been morphed into 1 in Cortana + Connect, now look close at one of the figures in the amount of pictures.... Yes I think a Surface All in One will have touch, but also the ability to pick up hand movements ( much of that research comes from Connect on Xbox), now thanks to Hololens mid air clicks and movement become very likely.

An All in One becomes very useful not only to people who tinker with music, also video production, graphic artists.......

I think if you look just a bit further out and notice a great number of things Microsoft is doing seems to be leading to one thought for me......

Surface will be the one and only line made by Microsoft, this will cover all hardware PC to Mobile. It will serve as Top of the line cutting edge that can then be moved into O.E.M. lines by way of license, much as O.E.M.'s now have knock off Surface Tablets with almost Touch/Type covers.

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