Zune Pass on HTC Trophy and other ?'s


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Dec 15, 2008
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I am considering coming from an iPhone 4 to a HTC Trophy basically because I want something different. I have had an iPhone on at&t until 4 mths ago when I switched to verizon thanks to too many dropped calls. But I have had iPhone since the first generation and would like to try something different. Windows Phone looks like something cool and different. How does the Zune pass work on the Trophy? That would be a pretty big deciding factor. Many of the apps I use on the i4 are on WP or are coming soon so that won't be that big of a factor. How is call quality on it? Can I change out the micro SD card to a bigger size and how hard is it to do that?


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May 14, 2011
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Well as for the Zune pass from what I have seen you dont get to use your credits straight from the phone. At least from what I have seen. That may be coming with mango but idk. Smart DJ is coming to WP7 with the mango update. You can basically go to Zune on the desktop and pick what songs you would like on your phone. Once you do that you can set it up to do wireless sync with your phone. That way anytime you buy/use a credit on a new song you just right click and sync to your phone and the next time you plug in your phone to your charger it will sync everything you want. Including your podcast's. Or you can just connect to your computer and it will do that for you. Call quality is great I have had zero issues with it. You can change out the sd card but its very tricky. I know i wish there was a removable sd card.

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