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    Just purchased a Pure and am having trouble finding the 6.5 equivalent of 'magage folders' for Outlook so that I can synchronize folders other than Inbox.

    I can successfully move messages into folders in 6.5, but even when I select synchronize in a folder, it doesn't pull messages in the specified date range from my Exchange info store.

    What am I doing wrong? Where is the magic setting for Outlook folder synchronization?

    If there is a paradigm shift to only synchronizing Inbox, I will be able to adjust, but a lot of the folks I support will have trouble.

    10-11-2009 12:31 AM
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    Well I've found that Managed Folders is still there it's just slightly hidden by TouchFlo. If you use the TouchFlo UI to read mail, you can't easily get to the folder view. It's easiest to launch the start menu, select messaging, pull up the traditional Outlook list of messages and then press the Menu button to pull up the 'finger friendly' list of items that you must then finger scroll to /tools/manage folders.

    I found this out after playing with the standard 6.5 UI and I have to say that while TouchFlo is nifty to watch, the standard finger friendly UI is faster and simpler. Granted, I'm one of those crazy folks who always thought that WinMo standard was a better implementation than Pro, but sometimes simple is better.

    It's all good. Hurry up Zagg, Sedio and company with some accessories. The Pure is not built like the Diamond 2....
    10-11-2009 09:04 PM

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