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    I have a couple of questions about the calendar on the TP2, not the HTC one but the one that looks like Outlook. When creating an appointment I go to "subject" first. There is a drop down menu there with some pre formed statements. Is there a way to change, delete, or add to those statements? Right below that is "Location" also with a drop down menu. This drop down has phrases used when creating previous appointments. Can these be modified or the list lenghtened?
    One more question. I am sure I saw a tweak on this forum a few days ago when I was looking through a ton of posts. The tweak allowed the SMS app to send a text to multiple recipients, more than 10 if possible. How do you create that list of recipients in contacts?
    03-26-2010 10:19 PM
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    OK. Do I have bad breath, body odor, do I dress funny????? All the tech knowledge here and nobody knows about the calendar?? LOL I am being a smart ***. Just surprised there isn't someone who can answer the questions in my first post.

    Is anyone running Pocket Informant on the Sprint TP2 with ROM update? It looks like a good PIM. Would like to know how well it works. Thanks :bow:
    04-04-2010 09:30 AM
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    Wow sorry Bor I cant believe I missed this. Let me see if I can help. In outlook calendar there is no way to change the first drop down menu it is what it is. Second drop down will add locations and save them creating a list from older appointments that is the only way I know of to change or add to that drop down list. As for sms you can add contacts to an sms one at a time just by tapping the "TO" at the top of the sms not sure if there is a limit to how many. I am not sure what program you are referring to it would be nice to create a category and just chose that category and have all those contacts added to an sms if you figure this out post it up because that would be handy. Pocket informant is one of my favorite programs but after using it for a while on the TP2 I decided it just was not necessary the WinMo native apps work well enough that PI was not much of a plus. Now that I have a Samsung Intrepid I will probably start using it again. Hope that helps and sorry for the late reply. And your breath does sting a little. jk lol :)

    04-04-2010 10:47 AM
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    Glad to see people still have a sense of humor. No reason to be sorry. I kind of figured the drop downs were set in stone, at least the first one. I worked with the second drop down and it looks as though it keeps the last 8 or 10 items you type into location. When you type something new into the location block the oldest one is dropped off. Not really a problem but would be nice to have a larger list. Generally I use the location block for reminders (phone #s, address, names etc..). If too much info, I put in notes.
    As for SMS I saw somewhere how you can create a contact with multiple names/sms addresses (Name the contact as a group. ie work or beer buddies...)then send it as one contact to multiple names. Sprint puts a limit on the number of recipients for one message. I believe it's ten so that would only show up as one. A friend I work with subscribes to a service (monthly fee) that allows him to text as many contacts as he wants at one time. I might look into that.
    I thought the same about PI. Had it on my Treo Pro. Nice but not much to add. Thanks again for the tweaks you've posted. It's nice to have your device that little bit different.
    I promise I will sit farther away from my computer because of that breath thing!!!! :hmm::hmm:
    04-04-2010 12:14 PM