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    Hey guys! Maybe you could help me resolve issues I have.
    Few days ago I installed Win10 on my HP dv7 laptop over Win7. And since then I'm having problems which I have no idea how to fix.
    1) some programs wouldn't open at all (something about compatibility mode would pop up -they are gone now- problem 4)
    2) When I connect to shared internet from 928 computer immediately crashes (blue screen with something happened bla-blah)
    3) When I close laptop (lid) it doesn't switch to Sleep Mode. It keeps running. I forgot about that and left it closed for 3hr and just found that it's been running since then. And of course it incredibly hot now.
    4) I tried to factory restore it, to Win7 (I have restore portion/file that been on PC since I bought it) but all it did was just wipe out everything but stayed on win10 (same as WP, like when you install DP 8.1 over 8.0 and hard reset it still stays on 8.1). I tried it from Start menu and pressing F8 (or F something) No luck.

    Now if you could help me to resolve problems 2 & 3 OR 4 -bring back win7, I would be very thankful
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