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    Hello everybody,

    Today I got surprised when I accidently find out a way to get crimson accent color from wp8.1 back on Windows 10 mobile...
    I don't know that if it will work on your phone or not!!

    So here's what you should do to get that:-

    1. Turn on the kids corner from settings..(Settings/Accounts/Kid's Corner)

    2. Add some apps or music or video as usual and launch the kid's corner...

    3. In kid's corner, open a tile named customization and then from there choose any one color you need (these colors are from Windows phone 8.1).

    4. Now exit from kid's corner and then open the lock screen.. And then from settings/accounts/kid's corner, unselect all the selected things(like apps, albums, videos etc..)

    5. And then turn off kid's corner by toggle...

    6. Now you should go in colors setting and you must find the selected color from kids corner in the last of all colors...

    7. Choose your accent color and enjoy!!

    Note:- 1. i have tested this method in lumia 925 only!!
    But i will try this on my lumia 730 and 640xl later..

    2. You can only bring one color at a time.

    Thank you all and let me know about this in comments below..
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    02-25-2016 04:50 PM
  2. muiz6849's Avatar
    not working anymore..
    05-17-2016 10:58 PM

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