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Aug 21, 2021
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Hi Microsoft support I have been trying to transfer images between an old and new pc and found some odd Onedrive behaviour to resolve.

Given (before state):
Both onedrive accounts use the same login ( that had been upgraded to an office365 1TB version same day (with office purchase)
Old Windows 8.1 PC has Onedrive that has not been synced in some time.
This has an images folder with some older set of images in the onedrive directory
Newer set of images files in (date named with descritption text) folders in standard location (not in onedrive locations)
New Windows 10 PC has one drive that has the Windows Special Folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures) directly mapped (moved) to the onedrivbe folder locations. (not surte when but think this is already synced to onedirve at least once)
I copied the newer set of image files from the old pc to the new pc but into its's onedrive mapped Pictures folder (from non onedrive location on old).

I synced the onedrive on the old PC.

It started processing the old image files in the onedrive location.

Images to to copied up to Onedrive and local files and dir structure remain. (Then they could be pulled down to the new pc also)

It started deleting the contents of the actual dir folders on the old PC(I paused sync when we noticed this).
The (empty) directory structure from the old set of images was added in to the new PCs Onedirve Pictures directory (they all have the blue outline cloud icon where as the local images are green checkmark iconed).
The content images DO seem to be on the 'Pictures' set in the oneline onedrvie, so we have not lost them. Does the 'Pictures' view online never uses the pc directory structure?

Next Steps:
- How can we get the images back in to the local directory in either of the machines?

On the Winows 10 Onedrive app. we have the setting enabled for 'Files-On-Demand' save space and download as you use them. Of course this option is missing from the Win 8.l app settings.
The files are now not showing locally (on either machine) so I can't 'right click' and select to download as I might expect.
Perhaps there is some conflict occuring between the generic onedrive folder on win 8.1 and the Special folder mapped version on Win 10?

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