1. d_pechenyuk's Avatar

    A few days back I wrote an e-mail in Instapaper support regarding plans to release WM10 client. That was the answer:

    Thanks for writing in. We do not have any explicit plans for working on a W10 release, at the moment, but I've filed this to our feature requests so we can keep an eye out on demand for a Windows offering and keep it in mind for future projects.

    I hope if more people write them about Instapaper client for WM10(or even universal app which is better), they might do it!

    I've created the same post on the largest russian wm10 forum so there should be addition help.

    PS if it's not the right section of the forum to post in,please move it
    03-30-2016 02:20 AM
  2. HelmutsKohl's Avatar
    Is it true that within half a year absolutely every Instapaper-app was removed from the store? As far as I remember, there were about a dozen years ago. Now, that Instapaper is free for everyone, I am stunned and wondering if this situation has nothing to do with the Instapaper administration
    07-26-2017 07:36 PM

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