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    An update came through yesterday (I believe) and now when I open the app, it all looks fine, but as soon as I click 'connect' it flashes the correct screen for a fraction of a second, then flips to a black screen; it is almost as if it's turning two pages at once, if that makes it easier to visualise.

    Alternatively, I can select which video (picture or music) I wish to use, but then it goes directly to black, rather showing the list of available devices, as used to be the case. By this method, I don't even notice the flicking past the connect screen; if it's there, it so quick that it's impossible to spot.

    I have a Lumia 830 running Windows 10 (10.0.10586.164) - NOT an Insider.
    04-06-2016 04:20 AM

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