1. barber76's Avatar
    Hi there. Search didn't give me anything on this issue, which is:
    if I use Skype integrated into messaging app (I know I can disable it and use standalone app as before), how do I see Skype status of my contacts then? Can't find any color/indicator for it in the messaging app. And I usually prefer to message via Skype only if a contact is online.
    06-26-2016 02:44 PM
  2. AaronGraham's Avatar
    Unfortunately it isn't possible to view Skype status information in the default Messaging app on Windows 10. You will need to use the old Windows Phone 8 app to view this, or else wait for the new Skype app in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which is due at the end of July.

    Hope this helps!

    Aaron Graham.
    06-26-2016 03:19 PM

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