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  1. eddlang's Avatar
    Is anyone else having this issue, or has encountered it before?

    Lumia 640 dual-SIM. I installed the latest insider Release Preview version 15254.1 and then Reset the phone to factory settings.

    Now I can NOT add secondary MS accounts at all. They only get added as "Accounts used by other apps" and not as "Email, calendar, and contacts", which means I cannot manage them and cannot change their name or sync settings, e.g. "As items arrive", "Download email from: any time", etc.


    What is going on?! I'm unable to sync my older emails because I cannot change the sync range. Infuriating.
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    10-31-2017 07:58 PM
  2. eddlang's Avatar
    I found this bug's originating point and a workaround. This is a really massive bug.

    You CANNOT add an MS account to your phone if the mail app is installed. Any attempt at adding an account will result in the account being added to outlook mail ONLY.

    You have to uninstall the mail app, add your desired MS account to the phone and then install the mail app again.

    MS programmers seem to be jesters too, introducing such mind boggling bugs.
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  3. eddlang's Avatar
    Found a downside with the above workaround. When adding an account with outlook mail uninstalled, the adding process falls back to an old method, meaning Focused inbox and Drafts syncing won't work.

    MS has to fix this bug.

    EDIT: Somehow the accounts fixed themselves and activated Drafts syncing and Focused inbox.
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  4. Chippy757's Avatar
    I thought you can only add one MS account as it would be main?
    11-02-2017 02:35 PM
  5. eddlang's Avatar
    I thought you can only add one MS account as it would be main?
    You can. It has always been like that and how it should be. You can manage an account's sync settings only if it's listed in the upper list, like so:

    11-02-2017 02:50 PM

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