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    Hi there!
    Before the official release of Cyan I was playing with Cortana on my Nokia Lumia 520 with Developer Preview program. When the Update 1 came out I updated to that too.

    After Cyan was released in my country (Latvia, Europe) I downgraded my phone to the official Nokia Cyan (I was surprised with Nokia Recovery Tool downgraded my phone to the WP 8.1 Cyan and not to the WP8). I selected my truth regional and language settings.

    With couple of weeks I decided to try Cortana again because of British Cortana Beta (or Alpha) was released. I followed the instructions to setup Cortana, but I found that Cortana isn't enabled. I tried to setup US Cortana, but the result was same.


    Could you explain why it's not working and what can I do to return Cortana back. As it my first post here and my English isn't so good I ask you for understanding... :)
    10-04-2014 07:54 AM

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