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    I try to turn Cortana on but when she tries to gather everything, she just wont connect to the internet, someone please help me out here.....
    07-07-2015 11:01 PM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    We would need more specific details.

    Was your phone connected to the internet (the question may sound ridiculous, but this slips some users sometimes)? Did you try browsing through your phone to verify that an internet connection has been established?

    Have you tried resetting the internet connection of your phone by turning on airplane mode and then turning airplane mode off again? This has worked for my phone when the Cortana in my phone couldn't connect to the internet in places where it normally could have.

    Have you tried restarting your phone? If yes, have you tried performing a soft reset?

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    07-08-2015 01:05 PM

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