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    Before I even begin talking about anything else, I'd just like to comment on how great it feels to have the Start Menu back. I'm sorry guys, but going from the Windows 8/.1 Start Screen to the Start Menu is such a massive relief and a definite upgrade. If nothing else changed, it'd be worth the hassle of upgrading just to get the Start menu back. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn great.
    I've been using Windows 10, and right now it's right about level with Windows 8/.1 for performance and reliability. There's still a good share of glitches and bugs (especially with Edge and Cortana), and in some parts it seems like there's still plenty of optimization to be done. So far though, I'm liking what I see and Cortana is a huge help (if "Hey Cortana" would actually work at least half the time it would be even better, haha).
    It's not perfect, there's still a lot of UI inconsistencies (it's still more consistent than Windows 8/.1 is in my opinion), and there's plenty of things that I'd like to see eventually. Such as a system wide dark theme, and tabs in File Explorer, and even for the Windows logo for the Start Menu to just be the tiniest bit larger. Some places the UI looks a little chunky (and not in the "optimized for touch" way but in the "we still have Windows 8/.1's borders" way) and out of place. Also, I was disappointed when I realized that the aero transparency for the Action Center and Start Menu only showed what was behind them when you first open them, instead of being "live" (it looks really weird when you're watching a video in the background and the Start Menu looks like it's just frozen that part of the video). And the fact that I had to install a theme just to get colored title bars back was really annoying.
    However, for the most part Windows 10 is great. The Task View is great, as is the support for multiple desktops. Cortana works great (besides "Hey Cortana" which just stopped working after a few hours), and the Start Menu is a wonderful addition. The Action Center is much improved (although you could argue the usefulness of the Quick Actions), and the Settings menu does look pretty great (if incomplete). I'm really liking Microsoft Edge (besides some strange bugs like when it opened thirty tabs when I clicked the new tab button once, or when I tried to move a tab into a new window and everything froze. I could still interact with everything but clicking did nothing), and the new Store front is pretty good. Bottom line, Windows 10 has potential. That's the issue. There's a whole lot of greatness here and it's been a joy to use but there's still a lot of inconsistencies that need to be addressed. Little things where I ask myself why Microsoft thought that was a good idea. Little things like how Microsoft Edge is all sharp edges and sleek UI then they make the right hand side of the address bar curved at the corners. Or how every "x" in the OS looks different. Some are surrounded by a red box when lit up, others light up red, some just become a light grey. I think it'll be a success at launch if all the bugs are sorted out, because the average consumer probably won't notice those little details at first, or maybe not at all. But I seriously hope that Microsoft is working on another thirty builds after the RTM build that sort out these tiny, tiny issues, because they all add up.
    Windows 10 is looking fantastic, but it's far from perfect. It has potential, but it hasn't met it yet. It's a joy to use, but some parts are endlessly frustrating. That's my review.
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    07-14-2015 03:35 PM
  2. Zapella Tiago's Avatar
    Agree with almost everything, but we're at 10166 and they're around 10240 probably already, its a big jump, a lot of bug smash there. Lets see what happens.
    07-14-2015 06:18 PM
  3. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    I'm already on Build 10240 (have been for over twelve hours now) and it's looking pretty good, but it is only bug smashing.
    07-16-2015 10:14 AM

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