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    I work for a software company that produces databases for dentists and lawyers.
    We noticed that when out clients upgrade to windows 10, their licence key to our program gets erased. Prolly this is due to the fact
    that it is a new windows,installation, so it gets a new windows id etc... This is kinda bad cuz we have to re-active all our clients' softwares...

    Secondly, i had a problem with a client who upgraded his 'server' to windows 10. Afterwards his client could not connect to the server anymore.
    Apparently the network settings were adjusted with the installation of windows 10. E.G. The ip of the server was set fixed at BEFORE win10
    After installation of win10 the server got an automatic ip adress and got

    So here as well we ahve to spend a lot of time adjusting our clients' networksettings...

    Must say, as I expected, another clumsy try this windows 10 is ...
    07-31-2015 09:15 AM

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