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    A warning for anyone upgrading to Windows 10: You may think you can roll back to previous version or reinstall, but there is a HUGE price to pay: I tried to reinstall and got a long list of programs that would be wiped out in the process: Every program I had ever installed on the machine, basically. I would be forced to reinstall them all. So I didn't do that. I got frustrated and thought I would just go back to Windows 7. But when I started that process, I got a message that "some" programs would have to be reinstalled. It did not tell me which ones, so I didn't revert to Windows 7 out of fear I would lose all the programs that a fresh install would wipe out.
    Microsoft doesn't tell you that when they say how easy it is to go back to 7. So now I'm stuck in 10 and I've got to figure out bugs as someone with little debugging expertise.
    Long story short: If you are happy enough in Windows 7, stay put. Don't upgrade unless you are a techie and want to spend hours and hours on your machine.
    07-31-2015 10:24 AM

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