1. Pablo Q Sanchez's Avatar
    Hey guys so ive been struggling with my win 8 updated to windows 10 custom build pc. I could only use Microsofts new browser "Microsoft Edge" to browse the internet. Nothing else worked!
    I would get messages like:

    "skype cant connect to the internet"
    "steam cant connect to the internet"
    No apps could connect to the internet except microsoft apps... Literally...

    But while talking to a microsoft support professional I couldn't get my pc controlled by them because again... the app couldnt connect to the internet.. lol

    Later on she was like you have to clean your computer to a fresh install. I was like wth...

    While on that chat i told her I couldn't do that because im working on a big project that i shouldn't mess around with!

    So she gave me these instructions & you should follow them too!

    1. open command prompt as administrator

    2. Type this command:
    netsh int ip reset

    then hit enter

    3. When done close it & open another command prompt as administrator.

    4. Type this command:
    netsh winsock reset

    then hit enter

    5. After that on this same cmd type:
    ipconfig /flushdns

    then hit enter

    6. Then again type:
    ipconfig /renew

    7. Restart pc and it works!!!! :D

    Hopefully this works with you all! It should since there was no other way of mine being fixed..

    Thank you & have a great day!
    - Pablo Sanchez
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    08-09-2015 03:05 AM
  2. Ekmeet Singh's Avatar
    Thanks Man 😊
    08-09-2015 03:23 AM
  3. Sofier Te's Avatar
    OMG IT WORKS FOR ME! Thank you so much!!! :D:
    08-09-2015 12:51 PM

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