HELP New Win10 user-I messed up the network connections setup running my business apps!

Steve Fassman

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Feb 11, 2018
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Just replaced a Dell/win7 PC whose power supply blew, with a new Dell/win 10 PC. These PC's run my office apps, a database server app, with network app, and to other the network apps on other computers in the office, via wired LAN & WLAN, as a backup..
After the SoftwareCo installed their APPS, and restored them with my saved files, docs, images, from the win 7 server, they assigned a static ip address to the server, so that the remote networked apps could find & log onto the server.
They only set up the wired static ip address. It worked perfectly for 1 day, then the networked PC couldn't find the servers ip address to connect, though the correct ip #s came up on the window to manually connect to.

When it stopped working, the network connections summary told me that this "was not connected to the internet"

I thought configured and activated a separate wifi access, but it turns out I added the wifi to the ethernet network?, as they are now co-named with both? the hardware does show as Dells wired hardware output, I believe

The business app support told me to trash the static ip address #s & the DNS server settings, and click dynamic in both settings.

I then correctly set up a wifi network, its ip ended in a different number. It shows "connected to the internet" and the hardware output as the Dells "wifi hardware."

The remote, networked PCs then were able to connect to the server, but its connecting to the fixed ip address of the wired network??

My internet access still works, but is slow, the net downloads on the new Dell PC has changed from seconds to hours.....
Win10s troubleshooting app sees the prob, but cant see how to fix it.

1. Can anyone help me correctly configure a new wired network, with a new fixed ip address?
2. Is there a way to configure 2 separate wired & wifi networks, so I don't have to trash the 2 existing somehow 1 of them still is working for the office apps? do I take a screenshot so I can upload the network summary screen, & specific properties screen of the existing 2 networks for you to eval my situation? Thanks!

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