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    I just shared this on the Microsoft community forum. ...thought I'd share it here as well, in case any users were also having problems with the Windows 10 Groove Music app not showing their Onedrive music collection.

    so i wasn't able to find an answer on this forum, and I wasn't able to get any support from Microsoft on this issue, but i did get ALL of music to show up in the Groove Music Windows 10 app. Here's what I did:

    1. With the Groove Music app closed, I logged into the Onedrive web app, and renamed my existing music folder to "Music1".

    2. I then launched the Groove Music app on my tablet. This automatically created a new Music folder in my Onedrive.

    3. I moved all of my music from the renamed "Music1" folder to the newly created "Music" folder.

    4. Since the new Music folder was just created, the default sync setting were to sync with my tablet. ALL of my music began downloading to my local Onedrive folder. This obviously was not good, since I only have 6gb of free space on my tablet. At this point, albums began to populate in the Groove Music app as "available offline" music.

    5. I opened the Onedrive icon in my tablet system tray, and deselected the "Music" folder, to stop music from downloading to my local Onedrive folder. Once this change was made, the music which had begun to populate in the Groove Music app once again disappeared, and I was left with NO music in Groove.

    6. I then launched the Groove web player, to see if my music appeared there. All of my music was gone from the web player.

    7. I then moved all of my music back to the original Onedrive folder (now named "Music1").

    8. once the music was done moving over, I deleted the now empty Music folder, and renamed "Music1" back to "Music".

    9. My music now appears both in the Groove Music (tablet Windows 10) app, AND in the Groove web player.

    Just as an FYI, all of my Onedrive music collection used to appear in the Xbox music app, before I upgraded to Windows 10, so I'm not sure why it was necessary to go through all this trouble just to get the Groove Music app to work the way it's supposed to, but I hope that this helps some of you folks who are experiencing the same issue.
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    08-13-2015 01:43 PM
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    thanks, it worked
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    Perhaps a little off topic ... but I can't get an answer anywhere ... this "synching" issue (and others like it) seem to stem from an issue related to "Libraries" required/Defined within OneDrive. Could someone please write and explain which "Folders/Libraries" are REQUIRED by OneDrive and which ones can be relocated, renamed, ignored deleted etc etc etc ... Please & Thanks !!! Guyb
    07-03-2017 04:09 PM

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