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    Hey all, I just upgraded my phone (Lumia 920) to the latest W10MIP version, did a hard reset on it and got it running clean and greatly since yesterday, way better than the last time I tried. Thing is, I'm missing some features and apps in W10MIP, like:

    - Where's Creative Studio? It ain't available anymore? And Panorama?
    - Where's the QR code scanner that was built in with the search button? I don't have Cortana in my country yet, and when I tried switching region she did not appear either.
    - How to sync my FB contacts with my contacts hub? From the app it keeps rejecting the sync.
    - How to set Google as my default search provider instead of Bing?
    . Can I re-arrange the order of the quick access buttons in the notification centre? If yes, how?

    That for now... Feel like I'm forgetting some stuff, but that would be a good start :P.

    Thanks in advance!!
    08-15-2015 04:51 PM

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