1. Tom Hayes's Avatar
    The loading symbol keeps flashing which is effecting what I can do on my computer. For example on Microsoft edge I will be typing and then it will suddenly select the text, so when I do my next letter it deletes everything I have done. It also effects things like drop down menu's or when I left click by going of it so I don't have time to select the option I want.

    This does not seem to happen all the time but it currently is and has been since I turned my pc on.

    It has only happened since I have downloaded windows 10. I do not have windows 8.1 on my computer as I deleted it so I cant really go back to download it again.

    Does anyone know what is going on it is liveable just really annoying sometimes.
    Any advice welcome.
    08-23-2015 01:00 PM
  2. Tom Hayes's Avatar
    Just an update I managed to fix the problem. I have been looking around for answers and In the end I solved it through deselecting services on system configuration.
    I now only have Microsoft services running which means that one of the others was causing the problem.

    I'm just wondering how Important the others are? What do the rest do?
    I'm tempted to leave them off as it has solved the problem but if it is important that some are on I need to find out which specific one is causing the problem.
    09-01-2015 08:16 AM

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