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    Hi everybody. So, this summer I've updated my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Everything worked fine and there was no issues. After I came back home from the holidays, I've tried to connect to my Wi-Fi. First there was a problem with entering the code. I['ve checked it good few times and I was putting it in that many times that I remember it now, After a while, I've restarted my laptop and router. Same thing appeared. After few hours I have opened my laptop and the Wi-Fi worked fine, but not for long (Max. 5 minutes). The next day it was struggling and for most of the time it wasn't working. I thought today that there was some drivers problems so I've tried to update them and done few things which I've got on the web - same thing up till now. Few hours ago I've deleted my drivers from Wi-Fi and got ones for Windows 8. It worked for the first time, the second time and then it stopped, Now its working again but sttill there is an issue.

    After I go to the Wi-FI icon and click connect, the LAN icon appears and then it reboots the Wi-FI. Finally, it doesn't connect. I've tried trobelshoot (Or whatever) but it found nothing. Please help me. I'm very annoyed by this and I'm ready to go back to Windows 7.

    Asus X53U
    AMD E-450 @ 1.65GHZ
    4GB Ram
    320GB HHD
    HD Readon Graphics 6320.
    09-08-2015 02:33 PM
  2. Tony Clegg's Avatar
    I had a similar issue. Having read around, others have been affected. I tried rolling back Win 10 to previously version, but as it did so restarted and said the roll back failed. I tried connecting LAN, removing Netgear drivers etc, but didn't work. Although it connects to my network, it says there is no internet connection.

    I had no alternative but to back up my documents, and re-installed Windows 10. All working a treat now. No idea what the issue was.
    09-10-2015 08:09 AM

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