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    i use win10 since september 2014 and on majority it was good enough but since full release im getting somany bugs that i have to fix every week.

    here some examples:
    -when ever there is an update from win10 or nvidia the pc starts to screw up.

    -when the pc is used for longtime suddenly it acts strange ,like browsing the web gives DNS probe error or connection time out but google search page or going to youtube and watch vids goes instantly.or software trows errors and need to shut down.its only fixable by restarting your pc and shutting down takes minutes and that with SSDs.
    i have the feeling that the telemetrie memory is full and needs to send to empty it again(thats why shutting down takes so long)and then its happy to work fine again.

    -every win10 update messes with your settings ,for me the most important one is the connection to my files on the media server that also runs win10 can get access but gues what...no way you will get access.all my files are shared to everyone and is not set with a password but hey after updating when i want to go on my files i get an pop-up to enter name and password.to be sure if settings are ok ill check on the media server and gues what NO PASSWORD required is set and yes both are on the home network group.and this problem exist since techpreview WTF.
    strangly this problem solves itselfs sometimes but when i try to fix it it doesnt ,whatever i do.

    -this auto update is an harrasment .pc that shuts down while you work on it is so screwed up . yea i know you can set to an max3 days delay and plan the update but why on earth is there an need to plan it.i will manualy update when i can not because im forced by microsoft.beside this its even worse for my media server that also runs game servers. win10 update reboot = games offline and then bugged to file access for my work and my wife for music and movies.

    i think more and more to downgrade the media server to win 7pro again and to downgrade to win8.1 pro on my pc.im even starting to consider options like linux and for the server it makes sence but from ive been reading ,access with win10 to linux is an hassle to.

    so fix the dam OS.release an WIN10 media server so files are auto shared and doesnt auto update. or go to hell and lose 4 pcs,2 laptops and 2 tablets that uses windows.
    09-21-2015 07:31 AM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    This happens AFTER you're turned OFF auto-updates?
    09-21-2015 07:57 AM

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