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    Hi everyone, quick question here. I have a 8" WinBook tablet that I upgraded to Win10 about a month ago. Last night I sat down to use it and some update I applied to it basically broke it. The touchscreen wouldn't work, volume control said no speakers were installed, etc. I tried rolling back through the restore option but that didn't work, so I decided to just reset the thing and start over. I let that go overnight and when I woke up this morning, things were working and I was back at the original setup screens. I started to walk through the setup process and initially decided to skip signing in to a wi-fi network since I didn't have the password handy, so instead of signing in with my Microsoft account it had me create a local account. Once I signed in to wi-fi a little later, I signed in with my Microsoft account but none of my settings synced from my other Win8/Win10 computers like they usually do. I re-started a couple of times, installed updates and re-started, but still no syncing. My account picture finally populated but that's it. Is there any way to force those settings to sync to this, or is it just a waiting game and I can expect them to come through at some point? Thanks!
    09-21-2015 08:48 AM

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