1. dda_k's Avatar
    Hey, so I have already tried to install W10 couple times, 3 to be exact and none of them worked. I install it nice and easy but when it comes to starting Windows itself it says taht I have startup error. I have tried that startup repair but it didn't work. Everytime I try to fix it it restores back to Windows 7. So the problem is I can't start the Windows 10. If anyone got the fix hit me up.
    11-02-2015 05:52 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    If possible, I would suggest installing fresh. That way you get a bug free install.

    Backup your data and download the install media from here: Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool - Windows Help

    Keep in mind that you need a legal copy of Windows and you should have your copy of Windows 7 and the product key in case it fails.

    How to Find Your Windows or Office Product Key | PCWorld
    11-02-2015 06:35 AM
  3. dda_k's Avatar
    Ok, doing clean install doesn't work either. It says 'Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partiton table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks.' So I guess I can't install nor upgrade to Windows 10.
    11-02-2015 07:15 AM
  4. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    When you're installing from media you should be able to delete the existing partitions prior to installing.

    Do that and you should be able to install W10 without issue.

    Just keep in mind doing so will erase everything on that partition.
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    11-02-2015 07:21 AM
  5. dda_k's Avatar
    I found a solution, right. A bit different, with cmd help but it worked. Now running Windows 10 Pro. Thanks for response mate.
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    11-02-2015 09:22 AM

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