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    (This topic does not necessarily need to be answered since I will probably be switching to Arch Linux as my primary and maybe only operating system, but would be accepted if there's a fix for helping others in this situation.) I did some research on the specific error code 0x80070005 and from what people are saying is that I have to "reset" my pc, aka delete all my applications, which I have to reinstall after the reset process, which I really don't feel like doing again. Whenever I try to download an app from the Windows Store, it'll download, kinda install, restore previous user data, then say "try that again" "See details". I've tried the following, restarting my pc (the normal way), make sure my pc is up to date, disconnected then reconnected the WiFi, connect my PC to Ethernet, force close the Store in task manager, and did a full PC virus scan. Nothing seemed to work for me, and I'm running Windows 10 Pro "clean install" not updated from Windows 7, or 8.1. So if I happen to become a full time Linux user, I'll still help out anyone who needs assistance with their PC here at Windows Central.
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