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    Since Chrome OS is a hit with the education sector it got me wondering whether Microsoft should come up with a counter OS..........BUT with a different name instead of Windows (Edge or Cortana, Azure, Cloud OS?) like Xbox OS, Xbox OS is the name of the Operating system running on Xbox One, but Windows 10 Core is powering the OS with APIs, Universal Apps etc.

    Since Windows 10 based Universal Apps can run on any architecture be it ARM or X86 and with the bridges of Win32 apps and IOS and Android apps to the Windows Store, Do you think it's possible that Microsoft would create an OS that is more cloud based like Chrome OS, but instead of having just web based apps as it's main function, Microsoft can promote Universal Apps but at the same time promote web apps like Chrome OS?
    So essentially it's a Windows RT OS, but instead of selling the OS to consumer markets like what Windows RT did with the Surface RT, this OS should be exclusive to the Education and business sector and should run on low cost devices like Chromebooks and have up to date software.
    What do you think, is it possible or is it clashing with Windows 10 despite the different name like Xbox OS is a different name but runs Windows 10 Core

    I'll love an OS that is like Chrome OS, but with Universal Apps from the Windows Store like Groove Music, Wunderlist, Minecraft etc
    11-04-2015 11:13 PM

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