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    Hi guys!

    The other day I decided to give a try to the calendar app in W10. Yesterday, I realised that the calendar app does not synchronize the whole year. In fact, i could create events any date but this events would not show up. For example, through google calendar web I created an event in april the 22th and the calendar app didn't show it. That's the same if i create one through the calendar app, it shows up on google calendar (web) but not in the W10 app.
    I think is a Google problem because with the outlook calendar there is no problem, it works perfectly. Furthermore, I used the google calendar app on android and it synchronized the whole year.
    Is that a known issue?

    Thanks :)

    PD: on my W8.1 phone this behaviour is the same.
    11-08-2015 08:03 AM

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