Your calendar / Family calendar issues, anyone from WC chasing this?


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Feb 7, 2013
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Is anyone from Windows Central on top of this or can they be?

Apparently there is a fix for the well-known and documented calendar issue of "Your family" vs Family calendar" and group calendar vs non-group calendar since Microsoft made the messy change back in August or September.

The issue in short is that the new "Your family" calendar is no longer visible or editable in Windows 10 Mail App, Microsoft Launcher, Outlook desktop, IOS devices, other IOT devices and more.

Would be great if someone can chase this with Microsoft because there are hundreds of people waiting and talking about this (including myself obviously), yet Microsoft has gone silent with odd non-existent updates that don't make much sense and aren't in place.

Issue is documented here:

The latest from Microsoft employee there stated this below, but there has been no update in place:

"Hello and Happy New Year!

We have some good news to share – we're starting to release the updates to the family group calendar that were mentioned earlier in this thread. This update will make the family calendar available in the same applications as the old calendar such as the Calendar app on Windows, Outlook on Desktop, and the native clients on iOS and Android.

Thank you again for your feedback and patience, we’re excited to get this out so that you can continue getting the most use out of your calendar and keeping your family’s schedules organized. Let us know what you think in this thread when you get a chance to try it!

-The Family Calendar team"

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