Microsoft Services Pain Points - Future Improvements or Move Away from MSFT?


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Oct 18, 2011
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I hardly ever post but I can't find the answers to these questions. If the answer to any of my questions is No, can anyone say if it's on the roadmap? I do not see it on their official Uservoice and the lack of these features has me wanting to go back to gmail which now has useful add ons (dropbox/box), snoozing, a speedier interface, and better integration with other products I use (youtube, youtube TV, Google maps, iOS - seriously,)

1. Will the Default Microsoft Calendar be editable (name) or will we be able to change the name of it (I think this functionality was removed in 2014?)? Google Photo

2. Will Microsoft People ever support custom fields that play nice with Android and iOS? (Example; Type of phone number - Google Voice, T-mobile ,etc.) Currently, its only possible to change to limited sets like Mobile, Work, etc. Any customs when importing from icloud or Google contacts reads as Other usually).

3. Is there anyway to assign email categories on the mobile app? The uservoice says it's been completed despite all the comments and it clearly not being there. This handicaps the outlook email experience on mobile and it's a real shame because Gmail has had labels forever and the ability to assign them from mobile apps (Outlook has superior organization with folders, nested folders, AND categories - but this is useless to power users as email sorting on phones/tablets is essential to my and I'm sure other's workflow.

Thanks for bearing with me, TLDR - Microsoft Email, People, Calendar apps have severe shortcomings that are making me consider abandoning Microsoft apps.

BONUS - 4. Mac OS introduced File Tags in Mavericks a few years back, while I know it's proprietary, its a whole lot better than Windows Tags from what I can tell with its integration into the Apple File System vs Windows ones (which are buried under file properties and not easily assignable to all file types). Anyone use any tagging system (besides Folders) with Windows 10?

Thanks all!

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