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  1. dimatador's Avatar
    okay I have found a way to enable MMS on my Lumia Icon, if someone else has already posted how to do this disregard my post.
    little history: I use a Lumia Icon from Verizon Mobility in Canada's Rogers Mobile Network, I have been soo frustrated since the Access app was no longer working on the last version of WP 8.1. I have since updated the phone throw the insider program hopping that the MMS settings would be imported by the OS automatically but with no surprise it did not as Verizon has the phone locked up to their settings. Never the less the phone works as good as the bata OS(W10M) intends to.
    Okay to the steps.
    1. go back to windows phone 8.0 or download the Windows Device Recovery Tool and restore your phone to version that this tool install
    2. download this app "sysapp pusher" sysapp pusher and look for an app "access point " download it and run the app. ( if you can't download the access app than go to wp8, else you mite get an error "this app only work on earlier version of the software" if you get this message don't worry it still works and continue to next step
    4. send your self a MMS message, you should now be able to receive the MMS.(go to step 5 if you want to preview W10M)
    5. Download the "Windows Insider App" Go throw the set up than update to W10M
    6. Once W10M is installed go to your messages and send your self a MMS to test if the settings are still working. it should be!
    Note; if you reset after installing W10M the settings will be gone and no more mms for you.! the key is to install the all of the versions of the OS with out doing too much to the phone just put your account so you can download the app that you need forget about updates so the process is fast
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    11-14-2015 04:59 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this info, it may be helpful and save frustration from new users.

    FYI, this trick was already posted before in the forums but to get to it one has to "search". But as I said, this post would definitely be helpful to new users. Another incomplete thing IMO is the options you have in the poll. Microsoft has retired the Access Point system app for WM10 and instead has started including carrier profiles baked into the ROM/OS. It may or may not be enabled for all carrier variants but it definitely is enabled for WP8.1 devices starting with the Denim release. Also the "No i just buy and Android or iPhone" option is slightly incorrect, especially the iPhone part because the iPhone has its APN setting disabled for editing and works on the same principle as WM carrier profiles. The advantage with WM carrier profiles is it at least lets the user override it with their own unlike IOS.
    11-14-2015 06:07 PM
  3. dimatador's Avatar
    actually pankaj981 I had given up on this phone when I had the latest update of wp8.1 cuss it was soo annoying to me that I could not send mms messages so the OS did not extract the settings from my network(Rogers Network) in Canada. thanks for the feed back
    11-16-2015 12:03 AM

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