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    Just started using windows 10 on my surface 2 pro, and while it is working ok, there are some annoying problems I want to check with the experts here, maybe there is a fix:

    1) Often when I turn on the surface 2 pro, the "airplane mode" is activated, why? I have not activated it myself, and there is a lot of battery etc. What is the reason windows 10 automatically turn on airplane mode? QUite annoying.

    2) Even though I have checked "connect automatically" on my home wifi network, windows 10 doesn't connect automatically. Very annoying.

    3) When connecing the surface 2 pro to an external dell 1080p display, the battery, wifi and sound taskbar icons look like pixeled ****, while the message icon and soft keyboard icon and clock looks crisp, how can I solve this, it looks really bad.

    12-04-2015 06:57 AM

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