1. Md Moinuddin Ansari's Avatar
    in build 10586 , the photo app was buggy and wasnt showing my recent clicked photos
    but i could access them from file explorer.
    but after the build 10586.29 , it has got worse .
    the photo app shows "not supported " to the recently shot 4k video from the default camera app.
    my recent clicked photos have completely vanished from the sd card and nowhere seems to be found on the device.
    transfering my music files from one folder to another on the sd card had either made the music files to escape out of my phone or self destruct, again nowhere to be found.Though the music app shows adding of new music files, but the song is not present.
    using Lumia 1520
    Why are they ruining something so basic??
    - a die hard windows phone fan
    12-06-2015 12:40 PM

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